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a. GERIu lesbiana 18y capri mexa she-her pronouns.

Lover of taespa my gf っ ̫ -˘♡ ballet piano fresas fotografía tulipanes gatos fresas 2000’s pop culture and fashion girls postres viajar museos spiderman atardeceres picnics color rosa pretty makeup & nails





b. Back Off basic dni criteria, -14, army, eres parte de kpop/stan twt, copycat, “sidera” with cringy or weird personality, te molesta algo de mis intereses, req ok but don't be a weirdo pls.

To Know personal acc, no formo parte de ningun subtwt, hablo de mi vida e intereses, mostly taespai heavy rt, tweets en ingles y español

Note: puedes mandarme request aunque no tengamos intereses en comun mientras no estes de insoportable





c. Mis Amores tlomls míos taehyung karina aespa jennie yizhuo winter aeri support ive wonyoung

MP3 enjoyer of nayeon blackpink lesserafim taylor swift ariana grande olivia rodrigo lana del rey melanie martinez the weeknd chase atlantic cigarettes after sex troye sivan


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